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Annual Subscription Rate

Quikcalc ePlus is available at a yearly subscription rate of $450.00 for the first account, each additional license sold to the same company will cost $100.00. In order for additional licenses to renew at the $100.00 rate, one license per company must renew at the $450.00 rate per one year term of the originating $450.00 license. 

IMPROVED Printing & Emailing:

Printing or Emailing jobs are now in an improved PDF format.

Updated Calculators:

The once combined Load/Energy calculator: Square-Up/Enclosed Upset has now been split into two separate programs.

Note: With this change if a user calls up a saved program that had an Enclosed Upset Load/Energy calculation, the updated program will show that calculation as a Square-Up Load/Energy calculation. The user would need to delete that calculation and start a new Enclosed Upset Load/Energy calculation. With the new move tab feature, the user can click and drag that calculation to the correct location within the forming sequence.

The default Workstress Value has been added to the 2-Ring and 3-Ring Press-Fit programs.

NEW Features:

The order of the tabs for a job can be changed by dragging a tab forward or backward to a new location.

When changing any input value in a calculation, the previously calculated results will be deleted.

Check out the program for yourself by signing up for a 15 day free trial. Simply follow the subscription process!

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